Coty Kuhn

Coty is a United States combat veteran with over 8 years active service. He specializes in Network Security, Military VTC Operations and has been involved with the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Industry for over 5 years.

Coty will lead the company’s overall vision and operations.

Steven Bostic

Steve specializes as a Marketing Director in the industrial robotics industry & has 20+ years experience, half of which spent with a focus on sales & marketing. He will be assuming the COO role for Restore Token until further notice.

Steve has a passion for customer focused content & client success.

Steve is also a technical analysis trader & active throughout the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry.

Thomas Deer

Thomas is a Full Stack Web Developer who joined Restore Token at the very beginning.

Thomas has been working with Website Development for around 10 years and is an expert in PHP Development and API Integration.